There’s no doubt that video gaming is one of the most popular and lucrative forms of entertainment, with revenue for the industry expected to exceed $100 billion in 2020!

With that in mind, we’ve created the first-ever student-led video game event here in Albania!
We had a great time collaborating with the community and came up with some fantastic ideas. As part of our ongoing commitment to student involvement, we wanted to share this experience with you.

This event was a great success, as students from various schools in Tirana competed to create the best game possible. Hazy Nebula Games hosted this three-day event. They kicked off the game jam with an introductory presentation introducing the students to the process and tools involved in developing games. Students were then divided into teams and assigned the theme “Enemies as weapons” to work on for the following days. The teams had a lot of creative freedom to explore their setting and create unique games. The event was organized to showcase students’ creativity and programming skills. The teams could use any gaming engine they wanted. The games were judged according to creativity, originality, graphics, programming, and overall gameplay. In the end, all the teams presented their games to a panel of judges, including developers and students from local activist groups like Girl Up Albania and Outdoor Ambassadors Tirana. We were impressed by the quality of the games produced in such a short period. All of the teams received certificates for their hard work and dedication.
The top three teams had the most engaging and original games. In the first place came the group Public Static Void with their game Switcher, a game built with the unity game engine, following the protagonist as he escapes from an old factory, beating waves of enemies by switching to their forms and using their abilities. Zombieuforia came in second, developed by a group with the same name using the Roblox game engine. The game, set in the zombie apocalypse, aimed to beat the king zombie using his minions against him. In third place came The Devians with their game Saviour of Midville, built using RPG Maker. The game is set in a medieval world where the main character can use mind control to add enemies to his side during battles.

This event was a great success and served as a platform for young game developers to showcase their talents and get inspired by the work of other developers. It was also an excellent opportunity for the participants to learn more about the game development process and become more familiar with game engines.

Hazy Nebula Game Jam was also a great way to promote game development in Albania and help to establish a thriving game development scene in the country.
 We’re already looking forward to the next game jam event!

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The Call for Solutions Sustainable Food Systems is now open

The Municipality of Milan, leader of the European Food Trails project, and the Italian innovation hub Cariplo Factory, are launching the Call for Solutions. It is aimed at start-ups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to identify innovative solutions to improve the sustainability of food systems of 11 European cities. The four-year Food Trails project (2020-2024), funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program, brings together a consortium of 19 European partners, including 11 cities, 3 universities, and 5 organizations, led by the Municipality of Milan.

Food Trails aims to support cities (BergamoBirminghamBordeaux MetropoleCopenhagenFunchalGrenoble-Alpes Metropole, Groningen, Thessaloniki, Tirana, and Warsaw) in designing, developing, and implementing innovative, sustainable, and inclusive food policies. Among these actions, the Call for Solutions Sustainable Food Systems was launched for identifying start-ups and SMEs.

The subjects chosen in this phase will have the opportunity to participate in the Match-Making Day to be held in spring 2023. Furthermore, they will develop a pilot project within the Food Trails project and gain international visibility, becoming part of the most important network of cities and food stakeholders in Europe.

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Open call for Soft Skills for Digital Innovators training program

In today’s digital age, innovation is happening at an unprecedented pace. Whether it’s the rise of new technologies, the development of groundbreaking software, or the emergence of novel business models, the pace of change in the digital world is breathtaking. As a result, digital innovators need to possess a unique set of skills that can help them navigate this ever-changing landscape. While technical skills are important, they are not enough on their own. Soft skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork, are also critical for success in the digital world.

To help digital innovators develop these skills, we are excited to announce an open call for participation in a new Soft Skills for Digital Innovators Training Program. This program is designed to provide participants with the skills they need to thrive in the fast-paced and rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The Soft Skills for Digital Innovators Training Program will cover a wide range of topics, including communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and leadership. Participants will learn how to communicate effectively with their colleagues, how to solve complex problems, how to work collaboratively with others, and how to lead teams in the digital age. The program will also cover the importance of empathy, adaptability, and creativity in the digital world.

One of the unique aspects of this program is that it is designed specifically for digital innovators. We understand that the needs of digital innovators are different from those of traditional business professionals. The program will provide practical, hands-on training that is tailored to the needs of digital innovators.

The Soft Skills for Digital Innovators Training Program is open to individuals at all stages of their career, from recent graduates to seasoned professionals. It is designed to be accessible and inclusive, with a focus on creating a diverse and collaborative learning environment. The program will be delivered through a combination of online and in-person sessions, with opportunities for networking and collaboration throughout.

At the end of the program, participants will have a comprehensive set of soft skills that will help them succeed in the digital world. They will have the confidence and knowledge they need to communicate effectively, solve complex problems, work collaboratively with others, and lead teams to success.

If you are a digital innovator looking to take your skills to the next level, we encourage you to apply for this exciting training program. The Soft Skills for Digital Innovators Training Program is a unique opportunity to gain the skills you need to thrive in the fast-paced and ever-changing digital landscape. Don’t miss out on this chance to invest in yourself and your future.

Apply today!

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Open Call for the Aspiring Entrepreneur training program

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to turn your ideas into a reality? Are you ready to take your career to the next level and learn how to start or maintain a successful business? If so, the Aspiring Entrepreneur Program is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

The Aspiring Entrepreneur Program is a 10-week cohort program that focuses on education, mentorship, and support to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the business world. The program is designed to guide you through the process of starting or maintaining a business, from ideation to launch and beyond. With the guidance of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts, you will leave the program with a validated business idea, an action plan, and a new entrepreneurial mindset that you can use to excel in your current job or start a business.

The program is open to anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit, regardless of their background or experience level. Whether you are a seasoned business professional looking to start your own venture, a recent college graduate seeking to build a career in entrepreneurship, or someone who has always had a business idea but didn’t know where to start, the Aspiring Entrepreneur Program can help you achieve your goals.

Throughout the 10-week program, you will learn how to identify and validate a business idea, conduct market research, develop a business plan, and create a pitch to attract investors. You will also receive mentorship and support from experienced entrepreneurs who have been where you are and can help you navigate the challenges of starting and maintaining a successful business.

But the Aspiring Entrepreneur Program is more than just a business education program. It’s a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for entrepreneurship and are committed to supporting each other as they work toward their goals. You will have the opportunity to network and connect with other aspiring entrepreneurs, building relationships that can last a lifetime.

At the end of the 10-week program, you will have the knowledge, skills, and mindset you need to turn your business idea into a reality. You will also be part of a community of aspiring entrepreneurs who will continue to support and encourage you as you build your business.

If you are ready to take the first step toward achieving your entrepreneurial dreams, we encourage you to apply for the Aspiring Entrepreneur Program. This is an opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs, connect with like-minded individuals, and develop the skills you need to succeed in the business world. Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity – apply today!

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Open call for The Ignite Entrepreneurship Program

Entrepreneurship has become a buzzword in recent years, and for good reason. The ability to create, innovate, and solve problems is becoming increasingly important in our rapidly changing world. However, many young people are unsure how to turn their ideas into successful businesses. That’s where the Ignite Entrepreneurship Program comes in.

The Ignite Entrepreneurship Program is a unique opportunity for youth to identify their passions, practice their creativity, and take their ideas through a step-by-step process to turn them into viable businesses. This program provides a linear path for young entrepreneurs to follow, from idea generation to market research, business model development, and ultimately, pitching their ideas to investors.

The first step of the Ignite Entrepreneurship Program is ideation. Participants will be encouraged to brainstorm ideas based on their passions and interests. From there, they will learn how to evaluate the feasibility of their ideas and determine if there is a market need for their product or service.

Next, participants will go through a design process to learn how to develop a prototype of their product or service. They will learn about user experience, design thinking, and rapid prototyping. This stage is critical for ensuring that the product or service will meet the needs of the target market.

Once the product or service has been designed, the participants will learn how to conduct market research. This is an essential step in understanding the competition, the target market, and the overall demand for the product or service.

The fourth stage of the program is business model development. Participants will learn how to create a business plan that outlines the company’s mission, vision, and objectives. They will learn about pricing, revenue streams, and financing options. This stage is critical for determining the financial viability of the business.

Finally, the participants will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors. This is an exciting opportunity for participants to showcase their creativity, passion, and business acumen. The Ignite Entrepreneurship Program will provide participants with the tools and resources they need to create a compelling pitch and secure the funding they need to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

The Ignite Entrepreneurship Program is a unique opportunity for young people to develop their entrepreneurial skills and turn their ideas into successful businesses. By providing a linear path from idea generation to pitch, this program takes the guesswork out of the entrepreneurial process. It provides young people with the guidance and support they need to succeed.

If you are a young person with a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to turn your ideas into successful businesses, we encourage you to apply for the Ignite Entrepreneurship Program. This is an opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs, connect with like-minded individuals, and develop the skills you need to succeed in the rapidly changing business landscape. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity – apply today!

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Drone Day

Dear friends. On April 9 from 10:00 to 16:00 we organize the Day of the Drones. You are invited to a special information day. It is the preparation of summer school for young people aged 10-14 years. Children from the age of 8 are also invited to DDay, who we are sure will be curious to fly with a small drone.
Our vision is that through the “magic of drones”, to open a new door for young people passionate about the technologies of the future.

Together we will practice and fly with several types of drones. Let’s give our children an experience they will appreciate for a lifetime!

Let your dreams fly high” Course

What the course offers:

General knowledge of drones and UAS systems.
A bit of drone history.
Rules how drones are used.

The theoretical and practical lesson for programming the flight of a drone.
Programming languages. Individual and group exercises.

Possibility to create applications for drones.

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Robotics Fair 2022

On March 23, 24 – 2022, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Harry Fultz Institute, the Robotics Fair 2022 was held, where OFICINA welcomed groups of students from the Department of Electronics to showcase their projects in the field of robotics. There were interactive robots created by students of every level of the class.

The students were divided into groups. Each group worked for months to make their own robotic project. During the project, the young students were introduced to developmental concepts, such as group work, as well as more complex concepts, such as programming, electrical circuits, and construction.

Also, excited to welcome the ICT Awards to the Robotics Fair 2022. The student teams had the opportunity to showcase their projects to the ICT AWARDS and to join the biggest innovation competition in Albania by applying at www.ictawards.org which highlights the work, dedication of students, professors, and creativity in our country.

Very good work from talented students and passionate teachers!

Much credit goes to the robotics club headed by Mr. Klarens Hoxha and his team who have spent countless hours working with the students and preparing for this fair for what we hope will become an annual event.

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Internet Governance for Albanian Youth

by JEF Albania Interest Group

@OFICINA Hub Tirana

Last week Internet Governance came at OFICINA Hub, in the shape of a roundtable discussion.  JEF Albania Interest Group in cooperation with Young European Federalists (JEF Europe) launched the event “Albania National Roundtable – Internet Governance for Albanian Youth” part of the Work Plan 2021 – Let’s discuss ‘governance’ in Internet Governance. JEF Europe with the Work Plan 2021 ‘Let’s discuss ‘governance’ in Internet Governance’, through blended activities, national debates, international educational activities, and advocacy actions, aims at developing the skills and understanding of young people from diverse backgrounds to enable them to reflect on how they can work to overcome the challenges of youth participation in internet governance processes at European level. Of course, part of this common European action was also Albania, through JEF Albania Interest Group together with their partner OFICINA Hub.

One of the work plan’s main objectives is to advocate on the importance of discussions among youth representation bodies and youth organizations on Internet Governance, outlined through a set of policy recommendations and an online toolkit of resources developed during the project, with the support of a newly established JEF Working Group on Internet Governance.


The objective of Albania National Roundtable was the outlining of Albanian youth’s recommendations on Internet Governance through a policy recommendation document in the light of JEF Europe’s “Work Plan 2021 – Let’s discuss governance in Internet Governance”

READ THE ALBANIAN RECOMMENDATIONS: JEF Albania Interest Group Recommendations

During this two-day event, the main topic of discussion was the role of the Albanian youth on Internet Governance. On the 1st day, the event kicked off with a short presentation about JEF Europe and JEF Albania Interest group, and its members. Then it proceeded with a seminar on Internet Governance, supported by OFICINA Hub. The seminar was organized in an interactive manner, starting with some thought-provoking questions related to Internet Governance topics and actors and arenas involved in Internet Governance. On the 2nd Day, the event was organized in-person, at the spaces of OFICINA Hub. The first session began with a mapping exercise on the understanding of internet, governance, and internet governance concepts.  Afterwards, came to a simulation game-themed “Internet governance and us!” which proceeded with a video call with JEF Europe representatives and experts on the field. The next session was about the actors and relevant agencies responsible for Internet Governance in Albania and it was organized in the form of a mapping exercise, where attendees were divided in groups and worked together on identifying domestic and international entities that influence the Internet Governance realm in Albania. The culminating session of the event was the roundtable, where participants engaged in a lively discussion sharing their perspective on the topic.

OFICINA Hub was happy to welcome youngsters from all over Albania (Shkoder, Lezhe, Tirane, Durres, Gjirokaster, Permet, Saranda, Korce) with/without previous knowledge in the field, making sure they were provided with relevant information prior to the Roundtable event.

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Hapen thirrjet për aplikime në programin e akselerimit OFIÇINA 2018

 Are you a STARTUP?

The day has finally come: the application for our next Acceleration Program is now open!

Hapen thirrjet për aplikime në programin e akselerimit OFIÇINA 2018

Për të gjithë të rinjtë që duan të zhvillojnë idetë e tyre të biznesit, hapet thirrja për aplikime në programin e akselerimit OFICINA 2018.

Je një Startup i ri, ke një produkt/shërbim inovator dhe të nevojitet një ndihmë e specializuar për të krijuar biznesin tënd të ri?

Atëherë, apliko për programin e akselerimit OFIÇINA duke plotësuar formularin online tek www.OFICINA.al

Programi i akselerimit OFIÇINA fokusohet në nxitjen dhe mbështetjen e iniciativave sipërmarrëse inovatore. Për një periudhe 6 mujore Startupet e përzgjedhura do të punojnë  ngushtësisht me stafin e qendrës OFICINA me qëllim arritjen e objektivave të tyre të biznesit, për një zhvillim sa më të shpejtë dhe të qendrueshëm. Përmes një kombinimi të mirë strukturuar workshop-esh, sesioneve të mentorimit, ekspertizave ligjore, financiare, menaxheriale si dhe mundësi angazhimi në aktivitete të ndryshme në fushën e teknologjisë dhe sipërmarrjes, themeluesit e startup-eve do të kristalizojnë idetë dhe planet e tyre të biznesit, do të krijojnë modelin e biznesit si dhe do të kenë finalizuar një produkt të testuar gati për tu lancuar në treg.

Në përfundim të programit të akselerimit, Startup-eve më të mira do t’u ofrohet mundësia për investime të drejtpërdrejta me qëllim zhvillimin më tej të biznesit të tyre.

Si funksionon OFIÇINA?

Faza e parë – Aplikimet

15 aplikimet më të mira do të përzgjidhen për të kaluar në një fazë të dytë prezantimi përpara një paneli ekspertësh. Fituesit e fazës së prezantimit do të fitojnë të drejtën për tu përfshirë në programin e akselerimit OFIÇINA.

Çfarë ofron programi i akselerimit OFIÇINA? Faza e dytë – Akselerimi

Të gjithë fituesit e programit OFIÇINA do të kenë mundësinë të punojnë ngushtësisht me stafin e qendrës OFICINA, i përbër nga ekspertë lokal dhe ndërkombëtar, në ambiente pune kreative për të zhvilluar biznesin e nisur. Si pjesë e programit të akselerimit OFIÇINA 2018 fituesit do të jenë të përfshirë në një program intensiv trajnimesh në fushën e të bërit biznes, ekspertiza mbi Startup-in që ata drejtojnë në fushat ligjore, financiare, menaxheriale. Pjesmarrësit do të kenë mundësinë të mentorohen nga sipërmarrës të suksesshëm të programit. Gjithashtu ata do të jenë pjesë e jetës sociale si dhe në eventet e ndryshme që do të zhvillohen pranë OFIÇINA-s.

Ju Pyesni – OFIÇINA Përgjigjet

Kur mund të aplikoj?
Procesi i aplikimit do të vazhdojë të jetë i hapur deri në datën 30 Nentor 2018.

A duhet të kem një grup pune apo mund të aplikoj edhe si individ?
Preferohet që grupi të jetë i krijuar përpara se ju të paraqisni kërkesën tuaj për aplikim, por gjithsesi nuk do të përjashtohen aplikimet nga sipërmarrës individual, për sa kohë që ata do të jenë të përkushtuar për të ndërtuar një grup pune gjatë programit të akselerimit. Rekrutimi i individëve të aftë përbën sfidë, por ngritja e një grupi pune do të lehtësonte ndërtimin e një biznesi të qëndrueshem dhe të suksesshëm.

A është kusht që sipërmarrja të jetë e orientuar në fushën e teknologjisë së informacionit?
Jo domosdoshmërisht. Programi OFIÇINA është ndërtuar për të nxitur iniciativat sipërmarrëse. Edhe pse preferohen iniciativa në fushën e teknologjisë së informacionit, çdo ide inovatore është e mirëpritur. Ne ju këshillojmë fuqimisht për të aplikuar, pasi programi ka shumë për të ofruar.

A është ky program vetëm për studentët?
JO detyrimisht. OFIÇINA është në mbështetje të të gjitha grupeve të cilët kanë filluar tashmë të zhvillojnë idetë e tyre dhe kanë përkushtimin, energjinë dhe kohën e nevojshme për të ndjekur programin e akseleratorit OFIÇINA.

A mund të marr pjesë nëse jam në një marrëdhënie pune apo jam duke ndjekur studimet?
Sigurisht që PO. Programi OFIÇINA do të përpiqet t`iu përshtatetnevojave tuaja, gjithsesi duhet të keni parasysh që shumica e veprimtarive do të zhvillohen gjatë ditës dhe nuk do të mund të përsëriten në mbrëmje. Është shumë e rëndësishme për punën tuaj që ju të merrni pjesë në aktivitetet e programit të akseleratorit OFIÇINA.

A pranon OFIÇINA aplikantë të cilët vijnë jo nga Tirana?
Patjetër që PO. Akseleratori OFIÇINA mirëpret dhe inkurajon aplikantë nga e gjithë Shqipëria dhe rajoni.

A duhet që të gjithë anëtarët e grupit tim të jenë shqiptarë?
Absolutisht JO. Gjithsesi, për lehtësi komunikimi preferohet të paktën një anëtar i grupit të komunikojë gjuhën shqipe.

A ka një tarifë për të marrë pjesë në programin e akselerimit OFIÇINA?
JO, nuk ka asnjë tarifë për të marrë pjesë në programin OFIÇINA. Mentorët dhe bashkëpunëtorët tanë do të ofrojnë shërbimet e tyre pa pagesë pasi ata besojnë në misionin dhe filozofinë e programit të akselerimit OFIÇINA.

A është i domosdoshëm plotesimi i formularit në gjuhën angleze?
Jo domosdoshmerisht. Formulari mund të plotesohet edhe ne gjuhen shqipe por është e këshillueshme që pjestarët e Startup-it të kenë njohuri të gjuhës angleze pasi kjo do të lehtësonte integrimin me ekspertët e huaj që ofron programi.

Çfarë ndodh në rast se përzgjidhem por nuk mund të marr pjesë në program për një javë ose më shumë?
Të gjitha aktivitetet në programin e akseleratorit janë të ndërlidhura dhe kjo është shumë e rëndësishme për zhvillimin e biznesit tuaj. Megjithatë, në situata dhe rrethana të veçanta të cilat do ta bënin të pamundur praninë tuaj, kërkohet njoftimi paraprakisht i stafit të OFIÇINA-s në mënyrë që të vlerësohet mundësia për t`iu përshtatur nevojave.

A merr OFIÇINA një pjesë të kapitalit nga bizneset e regjistruara për programin e akselerimit?
Per këtë thirrje OFIÇINA nuk merr asnjë kapital për ofrimin e paketës së shërbimeve për të gjitha grupet, ku përfshihen shërbimet ligjore dhe mbështetëse, ekspertët e nivelit të lartë si konsulentë, programet softëare, aktivitetet sociale, hapësirat për zyrë, ambientet e takimeve, dhe shumë më tepër.

A do të përfitoj unë fonde në fund të programit të akseleratorit, në DEMO DAY?
OFIÇINA do t’iu ofrojë mundësinë për të prezantuar biznesin përpara investitorëve, por nuk garanton përfitimin e fondeve nga investitorët. Ajo çfarë mund të bëjmë me siguri për ju është përgatitja nëpërmjet praktikave dhe udhëzimeve të ekspertëve më të mira në këtë fushë, për të bërë një prezantim të shkëlqyer përpara investitorëve.

Çfarë ndodh nëse në fund të programit nuk do të kem një biznes të suksesshëm?
Nëse në fund të programit të akselerimit, biznesi juaj nuk do të jetë i ‘suksesshëm’, ju sigurojmë se do të fitoni një besim më të lartë në vetvete dhe do të jeni të pajisur me njohuri të vlefshme në të bërit biznes dhe një pamje më të qartë në iniciativat e ardhshme si sipërmarrës. Dështimi nuk është alternativë për sukses, ai është diçka që duhet të shmanget, gjithashtu është një pengesë e përkohshme për t`iu drejtuar në një rrugëtim më të madh dhe të rëndësishëm.

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Southeast Europe Startup Report 2017

EIT Digital together with Slovenian-based innovation partner, ABC Accelerator, has published the first-ever South-East Europe Startup Report.

The report depicts in detail the most promising Startups and Scaleups of the region and the state of the innovation ecosystem in 8 countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania).



The startup ecosystem in Southeast Europe (SEE) is alive and well. In all eight countries of the region, there are startups, supporting institutions, interesting technology, and founders with an ambitious mindset believing that even in this part of Europe, globally successful companies can be created. In 2017, there was evidence that this is indeed the case. Outfit7, a family entertainment company with Slovenian founders and pioneer in the field of digital entertainment, has been sold for 1 billion USD  to a Chinese investor in January, thus becoming the first unicorn in the region. It might not be the last

  • companies like Celtra (SLO), Rimac (CRO), NSoft (Bih) and Nordeus (SRB) are increasing their valua- tions fast, joining partnerships with high-profile corporations, and planning for potential IPO’s.

These companies also act as focal points in their local communities/ecosystems. Inspired by Norde- us’s success, the nascent mobile gaming industry has started to develop in Belgrade, Serbia. Similarly, NSoft is supporting the development of the local startup ecosystem in BiH. Zemanta, the pioneer in digital marketing, has arguably spurred the development of the whole startup community in Ljubljana, Slovenia, after its establishment a decade ago. In addition to providing direct support, these companies have motivated and inspired an entire generation of entrepreneurs and promoted startups as a potential career choice to young professionals with global ambitions. These startup pioneers are still guiding the way forward.

Zemanta has been acquired by the global leader in its industry, Outbrain from Israel. Additionally, Rimac has raised money from its most important partner, the global leader in electric battery supplies from China, which is also its potential exit partner. The frame (SRB) has raised a 16 million USD round from Bain capital and Microsoft. Partnering with the global leaders in their strategy to succeed – and to exit. Successful exits seem to be the next step in the development of the local ecosystem and its leading companies. These will help to spawn the next generation of regional startups. When successful, an exit can bring new strategic partners, significant amounts of new money, forming the basis for the next round of investments, and experienced founders that want to repeat their success story.

The next generation of startups in the region will be more experienced, better funded, and faster. They will aim for global success from their inception. A series of successful Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) by this new generation of Slovenian startups has raised more funding in 2017 than the total combined value of public financial support in the whole region – in the last decade. These startups are now among the global tech leaders and have turned Slovenia into a hub for blockchain technologies, and an example for ICO startups in the SEE region. Other industries are sometimes less well known, but no less funded or ambitious. Seven Bridges (SRB) is a three-time Bio-IT World Best of Show winner that has raised 50 million USD to transform biomedical data companies, and Genialis (SLO) follows in similar footsteps.

While the regional startups’ ambition and potential are not in doubt, they could use more support. Regional governments are often unable to support these financially or simply lack knowledge about how to

do it best. Moreover, the lack of equity (the ‘equity gap’) for seed- and early-stage financing is especially detrimental for the development of regional startups and impacts their survival rate. Additionally, the lack of national cooperation is worsened with significant obstacles to travel, especially in terms of visa requirements. Most importantly, however, potential founders in the region need to believe that they can create globally successful companies – and convince others to follow them on their path. Recent successes are the best growth drivers the SEE region could hope for.

For more … https://abc-accelerator.com/see-report-2017/

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