Dear friends. On April 9 from 10:00 to 16:00 we organize the Day of the Drones. You are invited to a special information day. It is the preparation of summer school for young people aged 10-14 years. Children from the age of 8 are also invited to DDay, who we are sure will be curious to fly with a small drone.
Our vision is that through the “magic of drones”, to open a new door for young people passionate about the technologies of the future.

Together we will practice and fly with several types of drones. Let’s give our children an experience they will appreciate for a lifetime!

Let your dreams fly high” Course

What the course offers:

General knowledge of drones and UAS systems.
A bit of drone history.
Rules how drones are used.

The theoretical and practical lesson for programming the flight of a drone.
Programming languages. Individual and group exercises.

Possibility to create applications for drones.