by JEF Albania Interest Group

@OFICINA Hub Tirana

Last week Internet Governance came at OFICINA Hub, in the shape of a roundtable discussion.  JEF Albania Interest Group in cooperation with Young European Federalists (JEF Europe) launched the event “Albania National Roundtable – Internet Governance for Albanian Youth” part of the Work Plan 2021 – Let’s discuss ‘governance’ in Internet Governance. JEF Europe with the Work Plan 2021 ‘Let’s discuss ‘governance’ in Internet Governance’, through blended activities, national debates, international educational activities, and advocacy actions, aims at developing the skills and understanding of young people from diverse backgrounds to enable them to reflect on how they can work to overcome the challenges of youth participation in internet governance processes at European level. Of course, part of this common European action was also Albania, through JEF Albania Interest Group together with their partner OFICINA Hub.

One of the work plan’s main objectives is to advocate on the importance of discussions among youth representation bodies and youth organizations on Internet Governance, outlined through a set of policy recommendations and an online toolkit of resources developed during the project, with the support of a newly established JEF Working Group on Internet Governance.


The objective of Albania National Roundtable was the outlining of Albanian youth’s recommendations on Internet Governance through a policy recommendation document in the light of JEF Europe’s “Work Plan 2021 – Let’s discuss governance in Internet Governance”

READ THE ALBANIAN RECOMMENDATIONS: JEF Albania Interest Group Recommendations

During this two-day event, the main topic of discussion was the role of the Albanian youth on Internet Governance. On the 1st day, the event kicked off with a short presentation about JEF Europe and JEF Albania Interest group, and its members. Then it proceeded with a seminar on Internet Governance, supported by OFICINA Hub. The seminar was organized in an interactive manner, starting with some thought-provoking questions related to Internet Governance topics and actors and arenas involved in Internet Governance. On the 2nd Day, the event was organized in-person, at the spaces of OFICINA Hub. The first session began with a mapping exercise on the understanding of internet, governance, and internet governance concepts.  Afterwards, came to a simulation game-themed “Internet governance and us!” which proceeded with a video call with JEF Europe representatives and experts on the field. The next session was about the actors and relevant agencies responsible for Internet Governance in Albania and it was organized in the form of a mapping exercise, where attendees were divided in groups and worked together on identifying domestic and international entities that influence the Internet Governance realm in Albania. The culminating session of the event was the roundtable, where participants engaged in a lively discussion sharing their perspective on the topic.

OFICINA Hub was happy to welcome youngsters from all over Albania (Shkoder, Lezhe, Tirane, Durres, Gjirokaster, Permet, Saranda, Korce) with/without previous knowledge in the field, making sure they were provided with relevant information prior to the Roundtable event.