On March 23, 24 – 2022, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Harry Fultz Institute, the Robotics Fair 2022 was held, where OFICINA welcomed groups of students from the Department of Electronics to showcase their projects in the field of robotics. There were interactive robots created by students of every level of the class.

The students were divided into groups. Each group worked for months to make their own robotic project. During the project, the young students were introduced to developmental concepts, such as group work, as well as more complex concepts, such as programming, electrical circuits, and construction.

Also, excited to welcome the ICT Awards to the Robotics Fair 2022. The student teams had the opportunity to showcase their projects to the ICT AWARDS and to join the biggest innovation competition in Albania by applying at www.ictawards.org which highlights the work, dedication of students, professors, and creativity in our country.

Very good work from talented students and passionate teachers!

Much credit goes to the robotics club headed by Mr. Klarens Hoxha and his team who have spent countless hours working with the students and preparing for this fair for what we hope will become an annual event.